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IIT and Language Services GP is a small company whose unique strength lies in the combination of strong technical skills and deep knowledge of several languages. In today's world of communication overload, the essence of the message must be formulated in a way that makes it immediately accessible and understandable by the target audience.

At ITLS, we are committed to shaping your texts in such a way that they are not just correct, but that they reinforce the message you want to convey to your readers. If you have a multilingual web site, it is important that all language versions have the same professional quality. Poor translations result in potential loss of business.

Aesthetics are important too, we reformat you message if needed so it perfectly fits in the allocated web or publication space.

And finally, we leverage our experience as (retired) consultant and architect in the IT department of several large companies to propose consultancy missions such as infrastructure roadmaps, Active Directory design and assessment, technology integration (e.g. Office 365).


  • Civil Engineer, Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus
  • Certifications for Dutch (academic level), English, and French (Russian mother tongue) at ILT/CLT Leuven
  • Master in Germanic Philology, University of Liège - German, English (French and German mother tongues)
  • Sworn translator for Dutch, French, Russian, and English


Diksjonäär van et Jömelejer Plat
  • Translator at CERA Bank (later KBC)
  • IT Specialist, then architect at CERA Bank, Digital/Compaq and (BNP Paribas) Fortis
  • Co-author of dictionary of Low-Franconian dialect of the village of Gemmenich
  • Electrical supervisor at Ignalina Power Plant (Lithuania) and IMEC Leuven
  • Experience in international trade and customer relationship management