IT Architecture Consultancy

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IT architecture consultancy is mostly done as part of a wider mission or project contract. In this case, the rate is negotiated as part of the contract. As an indication, the daily rate starts at 800€ VAT included.

Copywriting and Technical Writing

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If the final deliverable is a technical document, the time spent depends on several elements such as: complexity, availability and quality of the input material, interviews... The hourly rate is 60€ VAT included.


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Documents come in many flavours - content, topic, style, layout, and presentation are all elements that can have an impact on the translation work. Therefore, it is not possible to provide fixed rates for translations. The figures below will give you an idea of the cost, but in the end, we can only commit to a price when we have seen and evaluated your document. Rates are normally calculated by the number of words in a document, as reported by most word processing programs. To give an idea, a full A4 page contains about 400 words on average. The rates include 21% VAT.
  • Minimum: 20€ for short documents, forms... (less than 200 words)
  • Simple documents: 0,10€/word
  • More complex, e.g. technical or legal documents: 0,16€/word
  • Very complex documents, complex layout, non-standard input documents (photos, low-quality scans...): up to 0,25€/word
  • Extra fee of 20€ for sworn translations


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Maybe you already have a document in the target language, but you would like to check the quality, spelling and grammar, or even style and fitness for target audience. We can do this for you and ensure your text or document meets the professional standards expected by yourself or your customers.

  • Proofreading: correct spelling and grammar, 0,02€/word
  • Post-editing: correct spelling and grammar, but also style and wording: 0,05€/word