Copywriting and Technical Writing

IT skills and writing skills are two very different things. Documentation is often neglected or of poor quality.
If you have all information but you need it to be written in an understandable way, appropriate for the target audience, IT and Language Services is your partner of choice.
With our technical background, we understand what you are talking about, but we are also able to bring it to (virtual) paper and produce well-formatted, readable and understandable documents, using your own or custom templates.
The produced documents can be user manuals, architecture documents, technical documents or even web pages… you name it, we write it!


We translate any document and deliver the translation as Office or PDF document. Other formats are possible on demand if technically feasible, and for an additional fee.

We support the following languages:

  • Source: Dutch, French, German, Russian, and English
  • Target: French, German, Russian (English and Dutch non-native)

Corrections and revisions

Maybe you already have a document in the target language, but you would like to check the quality, spelling and grammar, or even style and fitness for target audience. We can do this for you and ensure your text or document meets the professional standards expected by yourself or your customers.


  • Civil Engineer, Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus
  • Certifications for Dutch (academic level), English, and French (Russian mother tongue) at ILT/CLT Leuven
  • Master in Germanic Philology, University of Liège - German, English (French and German mother tongues)
  • Sworn translator for Dutch, French, Russian, and English
  Jean Gerrekens

   Natalja Žickaja